Where is Atlantis? Part 5

Yesterday, I asked a psychic the following question – Is the lost city of Atlantis in Illinois? This was the response:  “They [her guides] are saying it is a little bit to the left of Illinois, but very close to it and yes you have been in Atlantis in one of your past life times….I do feel it is right next to the state, right to the left of it and almost on the border.” She added that she had never thought to ask her guides that question and thanked me for asking.

Looking at the horary chart again, as I mentioned before, the ruler of the 2nd house of lost things is in the 4th house. I interpreted that to mean the lost city was in my state.  The only other indication I see in the chart that the city could be elsewhere is the ruler of the 9th house of faraway places in Gemini in the 6th house. Gemini points West by South 260° and the 6th house points West Northwest 290°. Only one angle leads to a border between Illinois and a state to the left; West by South, an Illinois/Iowa border. The area looks to be around Mississippi Palisades State park in Illinois and Teeds Grove, Iowa.


I want to mention again as I have before that I asked about the lost city of Atlantis, not the continent. I was a little surprised to hear I had a past life in Atlantis. I had a dream about 35 years ago where I was in a large sand colored room. It was some type of hall. I don’t remember now what was happening, but I do remember feeling ill at ease. I associated that dream with Egypt. I have not experienced dreams similar to the ones others have had about Atlantis. However, I have been dogged by the number 8; something I understand is associated with Atlantis. Perhaps others who feel an affinity with Atlantis will ask about its location and it will bring us closer to finding its location.

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