DIY Removable Surface Covering

In my first post about the Godishus wardrobe cabinets I purchased from Ikea, I wrote about trying to find a suitable hack for the doors. I was looking for a way to cover the doors without damaging the surface. Inspired by YouTube videos, I decided to visit Dollar Tree store. While looking around for ideas, […]

Wall D├ęcor – Chiyogami Paper & Wood

I discovered this beautiful Japanese Chiyogami paper while searching for wallpaper to add to a render scene. Originally, I wanted to make a standing decor item with it, but my plan fell through when I realized I needed small diameter metal rods to complete the design. While browsing through an online furniture store, I saw […]

First Decoupage Project

This is a two part project in which I made a humidifier stand over a year ago and applied decoupage to the top this week. When I made the stand I used dowel bits to attach dowels to a plaque. I realized soon after making the stand that it was a mistake to drill holes […]