DIY Removable Surface Covering

In my first post about the Godishus wardrobe cabinets I purchased from Ikea, I wrote about trying to find a suitable hack for the doors. I was looking for a way to cover the doors without damaging the surface. Inspired by YouTube videos, I decided to visit Dollar Tree store. While looking around for ideas, I spotted removable Quick Cover shelf drawer liner by Con-Tact (transparent). I wondered if paint or pasted paper would stick to it. I bought one roll for experimentation.

To test the cover, I stuck it to the door of the wardrobe cabinet and brushed on Mod Podge. I then applied pieces of the Chiyogami paper I used in a previous project. I applied another coat of Mod Podge. Since I was considering painting the cabinet too, I brushed on a bit of acrylic paint. I allowed both applications to dry for over an hour. I then removed the cover from the door. It came off without any issues. I had found the solution I was looking for in regards to paper. Not with paint; however, as seams would show or paint would seep through seams to the base surface if I tried to paint the entire door.

binary comment

This solution made covering the door with decorative paper less expensive than using removable wallpaper which costs around $72. Finding paper I wanted to use proved to be only about $30 less expensive. The cabinet cost $70; therefore, I did not want to spend more on decorating the doors than I did for the entire cabinet.

Another consideration was finding paper that was 69 inches long. Wrapping paper came to mind. I searched the internet and found beautiful wrapping paper. Unfortunately for me, it usually was being sold in sheets at an 18 inch length. I then set about visiting stores in my city, searching for suitable rolls. I found wrapping paper I liked at TJ Maxx for the amazing price of $3. The only problem with that was my intention was to cover the tool cabinet hack. This paper fit the esthetics of the sewing cabinet hack. Oh well! I decided the knobs alone would have to work for the tool cabinet. The sewing cabinet would get the full treatment.

Quick Cover Application

Wrapping Paper Application

Three rolls of Quick Cover were needed to cover the two doors. The wrapping paper was more than wide enough for the expanse of the doors. Quite a bit of it was leftover. Perhaps, I will use it for its intended purpose and wrap some gifts.


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