Lighthouse Auction

bostn116008001GSA has another lighthouse up for bidding; Greens Ledge Light Station. An onsite inspection is planned for the summer (date undetermined) and is open to registered bidders.

Lighthouse description:

Greens Ledge Light Station (1902) is an offshore sparkplug style light and an active navigational aid marking the entrance to Norwalk Harbor and Greens Ledge. It is at the southwest end of the Norwalk Islands, a mile south of the entrance to Five Mile River at Rowayton, Connecticut.

The cast iron tower is 52 feet tall with four interior stories including a brick basement and cistern.  The interior is lined with brick to strengthen the tower, which was built on a cast iron foundation with a concrete caisson.  The fourth floor has six porthole windows.  The watch room/lantern room measures seven feet in diameter.

The light is on the National Register of Historic Places (NR#89001468).  The architect was the Philadelphia Construction Company.

I have been fascinated with lighthouses since watching coffee commercials on TV when I was a little girl. The commercials featured a man wearing a captain’s hat, entering a lighthouse in which he seemed to live, judging by the decor. After seeing those commercials, I imagined that a lighthouse was the coolest place in the world to live. I wanted to live in one until I learned more about them. Now, an overnight stay would do just fine.

Lighthouse Digest consists of stories about lighthouses and other lighthouse related information. A story about the Greens Ledge Light Station was written by Jeremy D’Entremont entitled, “Life and Death Drama at Greens Ledge, Connecticut.” It makes interesting reading.

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