When I started this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to combine all of my interests into one blog instead of having three separate ones. That turned out not to be the best thing for me to do as Hydrogen Ink no longer served the purpose for which it was originally intended; […]

Hotels And The 10th House

Last night, I found myself wondering if an incident that occurred around the Christmas holiday was indicated in any previous Horary charts. I find that to be the case usually, so I looked at a few charts. Not only did I find indicators, but I learned that the 10th house may represent hotels. December 22, […]

Where is Atlantis? Part 5

Yesterday, I asked a psychic the following question – Is the lost city of Atlantis in Illinois? This was the response:  “They [her guides] are saying it is a little bit to the left of Illinois, but very close to it and yes you have been in Atlantis in one of your past life times….I […]

Cayce & Atlantis

While I was working on the next rug in the Flight Collection earlier in the week, I watched a documentary about Edgar Cayce and Atlantis. I felt the narrator/explorer did a very good job of reporting events and facts. One thing he said prompted my writing this blog post. I had read the passage he […]