Where is Atlantis? Part 4

As I mentioned near the end of Where is Atlantis? Part 3, the accounts I have read about Atlantis describe continent placements that existed 237 million years ago. Yet, people living today claim to have memories of Atlantis. I think technology is close to explaining how something like this could be possible.

Humans today can control computers with their mind – InteraXon’s Muse, Portugal’s Brainflight project, Emotiv’s EPOC headset. Where are we likely to be with this technology in 50 years? What about 100 years? Try imagining 1 million years? This technology utilizes thoughts as recordable, electric brain activity. The technology is developing at a steady pace. I believe storing thoughts in an object could be the next milestone. In fact, research in this direction has already begun. Sam Deadwyler, Robert Hampson, and Theodore Berger are working on developing a memory prosthetic, a device to store long term memory and learning.

Today, we have advanced prosthetics that can replace limbs with devices of uncanny agility, but when it comes to traumatic brain injuries, scientists and physicians have few options. A memory prosthetic would change that. Deadwyler and Hampson believe it’s possible to create a device that will help individuals with brain injuries and memory loss from Alzheimer’s and other dementias improve their ability to learn and remember1.

Imagine that an entourage from a solar system billions of years older than ours had gone far beyond the milestone I predicted. What is beyond storing thoughts? I think the answer could very well explain why people today claim to have memories of Atlantis.


1. “Inside the Memory Machine” by Carrie Arnold. retrieved December 1, 2015, 7:00 PM, Central.

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