Time, Dreams, & Astrology

While I have been working on completing a custom order for my first Etsy shop (Crochet + Knit) sale, I have been watching Nova videos on Einstein and time. I chose these videos, hoping to create a plausible travel method for my Park Story project. In the Illusion of Time video, the host said that according to physics, the past, present, and future can exist at the same time. He said that is not what we experience and the arrow of time which began with the Big Bang offers an explanation of why time moves in one direction, towards the future.


An example of the past not existing at the same time as the present was presented in the Illusion of Time video as a glass of wine not being able to become what it was in the past. When I saw this I said to myself, “Yes, that makes sense.” However, when I woke up this morning I realized I experience two areas where the past, present, and future exist at the same time; dreams and Astrology charts.

I do not have the time now to elaborate on my thoughts about both areas as I must continue working on the custom order and taking care of life necessities. However, to take a snapshot of where I was going with this, I will end this post with a few questions and a chart: Does a person lose matter when she is sleeping? Why is time often faster in dreams like a motionless person or someone light years away at a particular angle? How does Astrology know the location of items in my home?

I submit a chart of a question about the location of a passport. My daughter lost her passport and we found it with the help of this chart. Using Horary Astrology principles, can you determine where the passport was?


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