Something Beyond Impossible

Lightlife burgerImpossible burgers are not available at local grocers, but I noticed that other plant based burger brands are starting to show up. Someone familiar with my taste buds warned me against trying Beyond burgers. However, I was curious about the other brands and wanted to try them until I found one I enjoyed as much as Impossible burgers. I decided to try Lightlife first.

Lightlife burger cookingI put about a teaspoon of olive oil in a skillet before sauteing a couple slices of white onion. After the onions were a little glossy, I put the burger in the skillet, cooking on medium low heat (3 on an electric stove). I cooked each side about 4-6 minutes. The photograph on the left below shows the burger before I turned it over. The one on the right shows the burger right after I turned it over. I used foil to cover the skillet for a minute or so while the burger cooked on both sides. I added Prolovone cheese (rennet free), mustard, catsup, sauteed onion, and tomato to the sandwich.
Lightlife burger cooking
How did it taste? It was good. Compared to Impossible burgers, I could eat these instead and not crave Impossibles. I felt the burger needed more pepper and perhaps some other spices. I did not put any spices on it before cooking. The texture was good and the sandwich was filling without sides. I would prefer to eat this burger instead of ground turkey. The lack of lingering cooked meat smell in my place was appreciated.

Hamburger bunsMy old food processor was returned to me last week, which is why I made buns from scratch. I followed the recipe except for adding butter instead of margarine, as I had leftover butter from Thanksgiving. The buns were easy to make with the processor, but it did take about 2 hours longer for them to double in size, due to the temperature of my place. Link to Food Processor Hambuger Buns.Hamburger buns


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