Godishus Hack Plan

When I saw the Godishus model on Ikea’s website, right away I thought it would be a good hack. I wondered if others had already noticed its potential and taken advantage of it. To my surprise, I did not find any hacks. No problem, I said to myself. It will suit my needs just fine. I bought two units; one for tool storage and the other for sewing supplies storage.

Fitting my tools inside was what I was most concerned about for one cabinet and I added two shelves without doing much else. I moved some sewing and art supplies in the other cabinet, but I plan to add a center vertical shelf with shelves on the right side. I bought wood for the project from Lowes, but due to miscalculations on my part, that wood will be used for a kitchen island instead. The most difficult part is planning what to do with the outside. That brings me to the purpose of this post. Creating designs for this post will help me decide how to hack the outside. My design ideas are below. If this is something you are also interested in doing, a link to the Blender file for the cabinet without design is here.

Note: The additional tool cabinet shelves were cut at Lowes from 1/2″ x 2′ x 4′ Poplar Sanded Plywood. I was surprised about not having to do any heavy sanding after the piece was cut. I slightly sanded the cut edges to remove mostly sand dust. Cut dimensions – 18 1/4″ x 22 1/4″. I used steel corner braces and M6 screws to secure the boards to cabinet sides.

Right click and choose “open image in new tab” to see larger versions of the renders.

I made simple changes to the cabinet in this render.  I added a gray color to match the walls so that the cabinet  fades into the background. Cabinet sides, doors, and knobs were painted gray. 
I feel the space above the cabinet can hold lightweight items like pillows or pretty blankets and summer quilts. In this render, I have imagined no frills, 8 inch tall poles that could be made from square wood dowels or 3d printed. Cabinet doors remain white while the rest of the cabinet is painted black.
Peel and stick wallpaper is added to the doors of this cabinet example. The pattern is Brush King Protea Art Deco from Spoonflower.
3/4 x 3/4 picture frame moulding available from Home Depot is simulated on top of the cabinet. The handle is rose quartz, available from Etsy. 

Here I have peel and stick Quartz wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Picture Frame moulding from Home Depot is painted gold to highlight the metal in the quartz knobs. I ordered a sample of wallpaper from Chasing Paper in a different pattern and found it very easy to apply.  
This last render is also a peel and stick wallpaper pattern from Chasing Paper, Tree Toile. The knobs are gold hexagons that would require 3d printing. 

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