Storage Bin From Scrap Wood & 3D Printed Parts

I wanted to make one of the closets in my apartment look tidy. Since I had wood left over from old or failed projects, which was contributing to its untidy appearance, I decided to use some pieces to make it look better. A bin for tall objects has been a desire for some time. I […]

Wall D├ęcor – Chiyogami Paper & Wood

I discovered this beautiful Japanese Chiyogami paper while searching for wallpaper to add to a render scene. Originally, I wanted to make a standing decor item with it, but my plan fell through when I realized I needed small diameter metal rods to complete the design. While browsing through an online furniture store, I saw […]

Sewing Notions Storage – Moppe Hack

Simple hack with handles Moppe, Ikea’s mini storage chest, is a good solution for storing most of the tools needed for sewing. Last year, I designed an apothecary-type hutch for my sewing supplies. I learned eventually, that there was no time and cost effective way to get around needing a table saw for making all […]

Godishus Hack Plan

When I saw the Godishus model on Ikea’s website, right away I thought it would be a good hack. I wondered if others had already noticed its potential and taken advantage of it. To my surprise, I did not find any hacks. No problem, I said to myself. It will suit my needs just fine. […]

Sewing Space Design

There are two do-it-yourself projects in this sewing space design render; the hutch on top of the three drawer chest and the sewing stool. I searched the internet for an apothecary-type hutch to hold my sewing supplies and did not find one. I have already purchased the chest. Patterns are in the bottom drawer, project […]