Leland Hotel

DSCN0354Leland was a popular name for Illinios hotels in the early 20th century. There was a Leland Hotel in Springfield, Rockford, and Belvidere. I was walking north on State Street in Belvidere and saw a large, painted sign on the side of a building as I crossed the river. I was immediately intriqued; especially by the door close to the river. I imagined it was a perfect setup for delivering liquor during prohibition.

As I passed the building, I peered inside. There looks to be apartments on the second floor and a closed restaurant on the first floor, to the right. I could see a portion of an empty apartment on the first floor to the left. I had to know more.DSCN0357

I found articles from the Belvidere Daily Republican online that explain portions of the restaurant’s history….

Belvidere Daily Republican, Nov. 23, 1912
Nov. 23, 1912

March 26, 1915
March 26, 1915

July 29, 1952
July 29, 1952


 Dec. 5, 1929
Dec. 5, 1929

It was as I thought.

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