GSA Lighthouse Auction

The GSA has a lighthouse up for bidding. No bidders yet. The property has a $10,000 minimum and requires a $5,000 bid deposit. What would someone do with this? I went looking around the web for a video I saw about a lighthouse being renovated. I found a host of information, including information about the lighthouse up for bid. There was so much information that I decided to create a reference list of the information I discovered (see list at end of post).

It turns out, the lighthouse is call Spectacle Reef Lighthouse. It was the most expensive lighthouse ever built on the Great Lakes according to a Wikipedia article. It is listed in the National Park Register of Historical Places as are most, if not all, of the lighthouses in the U.S.

I was not able to find the video I was searching for initially. No worries. I will keep an eye out for it and when I find it, I will add it as an update.


Lighthouse Renovation Articles

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Historic sites: Lighthouse owner continues her dream to renovate Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse
Lighthouses for Sale – The Hidden Cost
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Lighthouse Blog

Graves Light Station

Lighthouse Association

American Lighthouse Foundation

Scientific Uses For Lighthouses

Offshore energy development – U.S. Department of Energy
Research, development and product-testing facility – David Schnieder

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