Feng Shui and Me

Credit:  photophilde
Credit: photophilde

Sometime during the mid to late 1990’s, I brought a book home from the library about Feng Shui. I read portions of the book and made a map of directions. Afterwards, the book was returned to the library and the map was discarded. I don’t recall making any changes at my place that had a noticeable effect.

Fast forward to 2007. My daughter returned from her visit to the library with books about Feng Shui. She later purchased the book “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” by Karen Rauch Carter. My daughter told me that I should read the book, but I could not read hers. She said I needed to get my own book. I argued about this, explaining how I had gotten books on the subject myself.  She didn’t budge. She would not allow me to touch her book. I eventually conceded and bought my own book. She knew her mother too well. Her tough love strategy worked and I am forever grateful.

The first thing I changed while reading the book was to remove storage bins from under my bed. I stacked then in my small closed instead. When I woke the day after doing this, I felt like something had cleared. It was a similar feeling to being in stop and go traffic for a long time and finally being able to drive normally. An obstacle had been removed from my life and it felt good. I thought, “this Rauch Carter lady is right” and I was hooked.

I learned much later that the first book I read was about compass Feng Shui. Carter’s book was about Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, guas (areas) are based on the location of the front entry door. In compass Feng Shui, guas are based on compass directions.

Credit: m. prinke
Credit: m. prinke

What Has Worked For Me

I make a concerted effort to keep all of the guas in my space balanced. If I need help in a particular area, I add “cures.” When I moved to a new place earlier this year, I immediately covered drain outlets with red duct tape, put a red drain filter in the tub, and for the first time, put red duct tape around the toilet (yes, it looks really odd). In other places I have lived in the years since reading Carter’s book, I have used glass crystals as prescribed in her book. I have found that these do not work well as I have spent what I consider to be large amounts of money. At this new place, after I finished wrapping the tape around the toilet it felt as though something deep inside of me gave a sigh of relief. I had never experienced that sensation before.

Do you have Feng Shui stories you don’t mind sharing?

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