Brain-controlled exoskeleton allows quadriplegic to walk and manipulate items

Scientists from the University of Grenoble have spent two years teaching a quadriplegic man to move his arms and legs, and even walk, using a brain-controlled AI exoskeleton. The 28-year-old patient, who had suffered from a cervical spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down, came into the study with the ability […]

Find My Way Home

This is the second music video I have made featuring this song. My daughter watched the first video and thought of a different treatment than the one I followed for the first video. When she told me about her treatment, I thought it was really good and I told her I would make another video. […]

Mexican company converts avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic | Latest News | Science and Technology |

The bioplastic products manufactured using his process biodegrade after 240 days of being exposed to the elements or buried in the ground, while their fossil fuel-based counterparts can take more than 100 years. When you think of Mexico, you think of tequila and guacamole, says Scott Munguia. If he has his way, you might also […]