Crochet Potholder

I need potholders! I have been using face towels to remove items from the oven for the past six months. Everytime I looked at potholders in a store I couldn’t force myself to buy one. They looked too generic. So, I went without.

This is the first one. I will use a different design for the next one. I have been eying the thermal stitch, but I don’t know. That may take too long to make. I am looking for something that can be made in about 8 hours. That is about how long it took to make this one.

This potholder has a finished size of 8 inches square. The back is all single crochet, using two strands of medium cotton – Lion Brand Yarns, 24/7 cotton, aqua and silver. The pieces were put together with a single crochet stitch all around.

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