Western Avenue Pictorial 1908-2015 Winnemac to Leland

Western at Winnemac, circa 1908
Western at Winnemac, circa 1908
All black and white photographs in this post are from the Chicago Public Library, Sulzer Regional Library, Ravenswood-Lakeview Community Collection.

The photograph above shows Western Avenue, looking North from Winnemac, before the street was widened in 1924. According to Mark Dawson’s historical account, approximately six feet of buildings along Western were shortened to make the avenue 24 feet wider in 1924. 

Western at Winnemac, 2015
Western at Winnemac, 2015

Photographs of the Watkins house below, located at 5059 N. Western, show there was not much change to the structure between 1920 and 2015.

William Watkins' home, family and friends
1920, William Watkins’ home; family and friends
The writing on the back of the Watkins family photograph states that Mr. Watkins worked as a dairyman. “Mr. Watkins was a Bowman milk delivirir [sic] for many years. He past [sic] away in 1938 .” Bowman Dairy was purchased by Dean Foods in 1966, according to a page on Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society.
I searched for the Watkins address in Chicago Public Library’s archived Chicago Examiner files and found Phillip Jungel living at the address in December 1914. He was listed as a juror in a criminal case. I am certainly glad the practice of listing juror information in a public newspaper has stopped.

Watkins' home, 2015
Watkins’ home, 2015
Walgreen Co. is on the corner in this 1922 photograph of Western and Lawrence. Walgreens is still located at the intersection on the Northeast side.

Western and Lawrence, 1922
Western and Lawrence, 1922

4761 N. Western, 2015

4761 N. Western, 1922

Western and Leland, 1938
1938, Western and Leland, looking South

2015, Western and Leland, looking South

This pictorial ends with two photographs taken from the train platform, just south of Leland. The older photograph was not dated.

Western, looking North

2015, Western, looking North

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