Researchers find a “consciousness switch” deep in the brain

“The researchers hope this discovery might be able to help people with “disorders of consciousness” – for example, it might be possible to bring people out of comas with consciousness-starting devices, or give narcolepsy sufferers the ability to self-stimulate when they’re falling asleep at an inopportune time.” “Consciousness switch” article.

Blender Reflection Plane

I used a new feature in Blender software to create mirrors. I was very happy about how the mirrors rendered. I was keen on making a dance simulation video. Rendering finished today and I posted the video on YouTube. I learned how to use the plane properly by following Daniel Oakfield’s video, Perfect Mirror Reflections […]

Mexican company converts avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic | Latest News | Science and Technology |

The bioplastic products manufactured using his process biodegrade after 240 days of being exposed to the elements or buried in the ground, while their fossil fuel-based counterparts can take more than 100 years. When you think of Mexico, you think of tequila and guacamole, says Scott Munguia. If he has his way, you might also […]

Mad Hatters

I was watching “Secrets of the Shining Knights,” a Nova video on PBS Sunday night, when one of the commentators briefly explained the origins of the expression “mad as a hatter.” Apparently, Mercury gases emitted during the hat making process caused hat makers to go insane. I was surprised to hear that and I wanted […]