Western Avenue Pictorial 1908-2015 Winnemac to Leland

Western at Winnemac, circa 1908
Western at Winnemac, circa 1908
All black and white photographs in this post are from the Chicago Public Library, Sulzer Regional Library, Ravenswood-Lakeview Community Collection.

The photograph above shows Western Avenue, looking North from Winnemac, before the street was widened in 1924. According to Mark Dawson’s historical account, approximately six feet of buildings along Western were shortened to make the avenue 24 feet wider in 1924. 

Western at Winnemac, 2015
Western at Winnemac, 2015

Photographs of the Watkins house below, located at 5059 N. Western, show there was not much change to the structure between 1920 and 2015.

William Watkins' home, family and friends
1920, William Watkins’ home; family and friends
The writing on the back of the Watkins family photograph states that Mr. Watkins worked as a dairyman. “Mr. Watkins was a Bowman milk delivirir [sic] for many years. He past [sic] away in 1938 .” Bowman Dairy was purchased by Dean Foods in 1966, according to a page on Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society.
I searched for the Watkins address in Chicago Public Library’s archived Chicago Examiner files and found Phillip Jungel living at the address in December 1914. He was listed as a juror in a criminal case. I am certainly glad the practice of listing juror information in a public newspaper has stopped.

Watkins' home, 2015
Watkins’ home, 2015
Walgreen Co. is on the corner in this 1922 photograph of Western and Lawrence. Walgreens is still located at the intersection on the Northeast side.

Western and Lawrence, 1922
Western and Lawrence, 1922

4761 N. Western, 2015

4761 N. Western, 1922

Western and Leland, 1938
1938, Western and Leland, looking South

2015, Western and Leland, looking South

This pictorial ends with two photographs taken from the train platform, just south of Leland. The older photograph was not dated.

Western, looking North

2015, Western, looking North

An Astrological Look at the Roswell Incident

The Roswell Daily Record reported that Mrs. and Mr. Wilmot saw a flying disk on July 2, 1947 at 9:50 PM while sitting on their porch at 109 S. Penn (Pennsylvania Avenue). A rancher reported finding the disk and it was recovered from his ranch. However, the story was changed the next day.

According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj. J.A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Wilcox, here, that he had found the instrument on his premises….Maj. Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated. After the intelligence office here had inspected the instrument it was flown to “higher headquarters.”

I believe this first version is what really occurred. Mercury is retrograde in the chart for this event (see below). My own experience has shown me that it is almost impossible to hide the truth during a Mercury retrograde period. I think the ability for earthlings to fly the disk to another location is a strong indication that the disk was not extraterrestrial. The ruler of the first house is in the fourth house of home. I feel this is an indication that the disk was created on earth.

Uranus, ruler of the first house and representative of the flying disk, is separating from a semisquare with Saturn, a conjunction with Venus, and a biquintile with Jupiter. Saturn is in its fall in the sixth house and rules the twelfth house. This indicates the disk was a secret (12th house) project of a branch of the armed services (6th house). With Uranus at 29° (anaretic degree), there was vacillation about going forward with the project, with many reasons favoring delay.Without proper preparation, the decision was made to proceed.

Venus rules the ninth and fourth houses. Congress (11th house) may have granted a scientific institution the ability to develop the craft for one of the armed forces. A retrograde Jupiter rules the eleventh house (congress) and is in the ninth house (wireless telecommunication). Possibly, the congressional entity or person from the congressional entity gave the order to proceed. I have found Jupiter retrograde to represent either entities that are not well-managed or individuals who are so group-centric or self-centered that they act in ways that prove to be subversive to the larger group or others in general.

One has to keep in mind that this occurred two years after the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and at the start of the cold war with the Soviet Union. Stalin was alive in 1947. It was a different time. Things of course are far from perfect now, but thank goodness it’s not close to how it was then.

I created a horary chart to support or refute my derived conclusions, asking if the Roswell event involved people from another planet. The resulting chart is below.

Since I am asking about a place at a distance from where I live, I turned the chart in order to make the ninth house the first house. The turned chart is below.

Retrograde Venus is the ruler of the first house. Venus is weakened by its retrograde status in the third house of transportation. I feel the location of Venus means the turned chart is radical. The flying disk was a transportation vehicle.

Venus forms a square to Mars, opposition to Jupiter, conjunction with Pluto, and square to Uranus. These aspects all add up to a negative answer to the horary question; people from another planet were not involved in the Roswell event.

Mars rules the 7th house of foreign relations; the event was not related to meetings to improve relations with foreign countries. Jupiter rules the third house and is in the 9th house. I think this means the event had nothing to do with transportation to or from a distant place. Pluto rules the second house. I believe this is an indication that the event was intended to increase revenue or money. Uranus rules the 5th house and is in the 5th house. This most likely means the event was not for recreational purposes or fun.

Saturn conjunct the ascendant leads to a serious purpose for the event. Saturn rules the fourth house and is at a critical degree. The transportation device was manufactured in the area surrounding Roswell. The fourth house Mercury indicates it was a good scientific invention that suffered an accident (Mercury opposite Moon). The invention was good for democracy and the armed forces (Neptune in 4th house, Ruler of 6th house in 4th house).

According to a Live Science article, the first flying saucer was reported by a pilot in 1947. His description is similar to the stealth bomber that was “introduced” 50 years after his sighting, in 1997. Perhaps the Roswell flying saucer is being re-engineered as well and a much improved version will grace the sky again.

Update July 5, 2017

The truth about the Roswell incident has been explained. See Report on Project Mogul; Synopsis of Balloon Research Findings by James McAndrew, 1st Lt, USAFR.

Gloria Swanson’s Chicago Home

1900 Census Page
1900 Census Page

Hollywood star Gloria Swanson started her career at Essanay Studio. There has been much speculation about where Gloria’s family lived in Chicago. Since the census is available now, I thought I would research it myself. Ms. Swanson’s address in the 1900 census record is 885 Seminary. The address became 3124 Seminary after street renumbering in 1909. A condominium stands at the address now.


Baby Mills: Surrogacy gone wrong

Baby mill 4 cropfertilized human eggThe Vice series on HBO featured a story about gestational surrogacy (in vitro fertilization of an embryo) a couple of weeks ago. The segment entitled Outsourcing Embryos, reported by Journalist Gianna Toboni, is an insightful investigation of the burgeoning surrogacy industry in India. Industry may seem to be an inappropriate word to use in connection with childbirth, but in this case it is entirely appropriate.

An excerpt from an article in Daily Mail explains the crux of the situation:

During her time spent undercover posing as one of these people, Gianna was informed that, in order to maximize profits and ensure a final product, doctors are encouraged to implant multiple embryos in surrogates, which can lead to the surrogate having to abort one of the fetuses or give birth to multiple babies.
And if an ‘extra’ baby is born, it isn’t necessarily going home with its genetic parents. There are also issues with couples never making it to India to claim their children for whatever reasons, meaning that the newborn baby is left without a parent.

8 cell embryoIf one were creating a super villain for a story, the likely life of an ‘extra’ baby would be a perfect backdrop. A baby whose American parents were unaware of her or his existence, or who was left behind because her or his parents only paid for the birth of one baby, is a perfect candidate for development of intense, overarching, subliminal anger after learning about their history. Story line aside, the fact is that this extra baby circumstance just should not happen.

There is one reported case of parents who intentionally did not claim their child. Twins were born from a surrogate in India. The parents said they could not afford both children and claimed only one child – “The husband approached the Department of Immigration in December 2012, saying that he and his wife only wanted to take the baby girl back home, explaining to officials “they could not afford to support both children…. He also stated that they already had a boy and wanted to take the girl to complete their family.” In situations like this, one wonders which of the two babies is worse-off.

After reading more about gestational surrogacy, I learned that babies could be left behind or “stateless” even when the parents were diligent. The U.S. Department of State has two rules which can affect this –

A CRBA certifies that a child born abroad is a U.S. citizen. A CRBA [Consular Report of Birth Abroad of an American Citizen] does not determine the identity of the child’s legal parents. Therefore, in general, the name/s listed on the CRBA is/are the U.S. citizen parent/s with a biological connection to the child. A second parent may be listed on the CRBA if the second parent demonstrates a legal parental relationship to the child under local law; the CRBA does not, however, serve as a record of that individual’s status….

The Department is aware of cases where foreign fertility clinics have substituted alternate donor sperm and eggs for the U.S. parents’ genetic material, either purposefully when the planned genetic material turned out not to be viable or through accidental laboratory errors. The intended parents learned of these undisclosed switches only when the parents obtained DNA tests after the child’s birth, as part of the process of documenting the child’s citizenship for the purposes of obtaining a U.S. passport. Such situations can have the unfortunate consequence of leaving a child stateless or otherwise unable to leave the country of birth.

Source: Legal Considerations. Travel.State.Gov.

Parents who are considering surrogacy in a foreign country should heed the possible outcome. The business of gestational surrogacy has already crossed the line into de-humanization and human trafficking.

Interactive YouTube Videos

A couple of the videos listed below are like a wild roller coaster ride. You think you’re making the choice that won’t get you exterminated, only to learn you were wrong. These videos are sheer entertainment!

The Time Machine

Blend Your Own Adventure

Finding Herobrine

The Treasure Hunt

The Murder

If you liked the videos above, why not help create an interactive video? I have a story I think is perfect. It’s about two people meeting in a park. The tentative title is Park Story. My intention was to create an animation, but I am open to live action. The photograph below shows how far I have gotten with the restuarant model. Does the restuarant in the photograph remind you of a place in Chicago?

Park Story - Model Development
Park Story – Model Development

If you would like to collaborate on the story, send me a message on the Hydrogen Ink Facebook page and I will send you an email invitation to Plotbot.

“Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”


The photograph of the man above caught my attention because I love the coordination of the jacket, shirt, tie, handkerchief, hat, and especially the shoes with those plaid pants (the beard, not so much). The photograph is part of an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Photography from April 6 to July 12, 2015 called Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity.

While you listen to two recordings about Black Dandyism featuring Monica L. Miller, author of Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity, you can view images of Dandies from across the web, below: Broadcast linkStory link.

A dandy (also known as a beau or gallant) is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self.
– Wikipedia

For example, most of Oscar Wilde’s plays contain dandies, and Oscar Wilde himself is perhaps the most famous example of a dandy.
– Urban Dictionary


These beings have no other profession than to cultivate the idea of beauty in their person, to satisfy their passions, to feel and to think.
– Charles Baudelaire on Dandies and Dandyism

9073290_orig 2

Dandy: A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop
– The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Video: Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top