Interactive YouTube Videos

A couple of the videos listed below are like a wild roller coaster ride. You think you’re making the choice that won’t get you exterminated, only to learn you were wrong. These videos are sheer entertainment!

The Time Machine

Blend Your Own Adventure

Finding Herobrine

The Treasure Hunt

The Murder

If you liked the videos above, why not help create an interactive video? I have a story I think is perfect. It’s about two people meeting in a park. The tentative title is Park Story. My intention was to create an animation, but I am open to live action. The photograph below shows how far I have gotten with the restuarant model. Does the restuarant in the photograph remind you of a place in Chicago?

Park Story - Model Development
Park Story – Model Development

If you would like to collaborate on the story, send me a message on the Hydrogen Ink Facebook page and I will send you an email invitation to Plotbot.

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