Spherical Beats

This is my first, ever, audio synchronization project. The music is licensed for YouTube use. In order to not run afoul of YouTube’s rules I am providing a link instead of embedding the video. Video link.

I chose spheres as objects for the animation because I feel they are a fluid, natural, and perfect shape. The synchronization was made with Blender software. It is fascinating to see how a program based on physics and mathematics interprets electronic sounds. It seems as if the two are connected organically, as if the program said, “Don’t worry. I got this.”

The name of the song is “Trapped,” composed by Quincas Moreira. His bio on Facebook says he is “is an improvisor, composer, producer, engineer and synth builder from Brazil, educated in the US and currently living in Mexico City.” I found the song in the YouTube audio library. I would classify it as jazz rock.

I have composed a few songs myself. I have a project planned in which the spheres will appear again, in a different scenario.

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