Quencher’s Saloon in Chicago is Closed

The venue where my open mic movie was filmed, closed in June. The owner retired and sold his building to a pediatrician. Quencher’s was the location for shooting the film after visiting many open mic locations in Chicago. Initially, I wanted to film open mics at three locations, however the other locations did not work out for me. I filmed at Murphy’s Bleachers in Lakeview after a reconnaissance filming with my handycam (see video below). When I returned with professional gear that I rented from CANTV, a public access television station, the results were too dark to be seen, so I could not use the footage.

I planned to film at Uncommon Ground in Rogers Park, but I arrived too late to set up my camera properly and there was really no space available for the large camera I rented. I had no difficulty filming at Quencher’s. There was plenty of room, free popcorn, and draft apple cider. Things worked out well. I am glad I was able to film the interior before the place closed. I wanted the film to feel as if the viewer had been to the club in real life. I think I captured that feeling. Take a look at the film (below) and let me know what you think.

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