Peacock Wallpaper

Bay window 9 rev2I was looking for ultra-violet wallpaper to make a render with one of the green rugs from my Etsy shop when I came across this beautiful peacock wallpaper. The blues and greens glow against a majestic black background. I was reminded of the technique used by one of my favorite artists, Ed Paschke. Paschke typically started his paintings with a black and white image. He painted over the images and subsequently ended with a luminescent piece of art. 201311522574132623
The wallpaper reminded me of an old-fashioned parlour when I saw it on the walls of the room I was creating. I was tempted to go fully in that direction, but I wanted to get an idea of how it looks in a contemporary setting. I felt it did not fit an industrial style at all. I experienced physical discomfort when I imagined mixing it with industrial elements.
The people in the scene are Manuel Bastioni humanoids. Links to other pieces are below.

Prosperity Fabric & White-cheeked Barbet rug Peacock wallpaper
White-cheeked barbet Victorian Removable Peacock Wallpaper
Levinson Coffee Table Faux Crystal Floor Lamp

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