Plaid Sofa

Plaid 7 rev
1000x1000I am always looking for free knitting and crochet patterns. I saved the pattern associated with the photograph to the left on my Crochet x Knit Google+ page. I was captivated by both the pattern and the plaid sofa. As you can see, there are plaid curtains to match the sofa and a hot pink chair behind the woman. I love that sofa fabric and the rich tones in the room. I began to wonder how plaid would look with different curtains; should a plaid sofa always match the curtains to look its best? I was consumed by curiosity, so I decided to make a render.

I could not find fabric online that was similar to the plaid in the photograph. After looking at various tartans and other plaids, I realized the width of the stripes was key to the sofa not appearing to look like a shirt or skirt. The fabric needed to be durable home decor fabric as well. I eventually found Navy fabric by Duralee. The fabric does not have the same colors as the one in the photograph, but I like it just as much.

Links to the fabric and other items used as models in the render are below. The woman figure in the render is a configured Manuel Bastioni humanoid.

Plaid 5

15400-206-navy-by-duralee MargotChrNOtMidnightS12
Navy by Duralee Margot Chair
Eva-End-Table-475815-476815 iris-planter-chevron-stand-triple-o
Universal California Round End Table Iris Planter + Chevron Stand, Triple
49.1224 718c64db364a36b690a522b5076ec9d9_preview_featured
Fragments by Vasily Kandinsky Succulent in a Pot by pmoews
a22a794c036c06431e632f9d5e2e298f_preview_featured 2001.219_ph_web
A Succulent and Two Pots by pmoews In Albis by Beatriz Milhazes

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