Joe Biden Speech

Video link

I watched this broadcast a week after it was made, on a cable government channel. I cried through half of it and I still don’t understand why. Thinking of the entire speech even brings me to tears as I write this. I’m sharing the speech because I believe to live in an abundant world, we must constantly strive to be aware of what helps make our world abundant.

I realized two take-aways from Biden’s speech; listen more and there may be a real threat to the middle class. Biden provided the best support possible for his assertion that we need to listen. The middle class threat was not mentioned as such. Biden said he was asked to give a speech about the 4th Industrial Revolution and “will there be a middle class.” After hearing those words, I was shocked. I have heard talk about a disappearing middle class in the past, but I felt it was idle conjecture. From what I have witnessed in recent years, when Biden spoke those words, I felt the impact.

More on this in future posts.

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