Storage Bin From Scrap Wood & 3D Printed Parts

I wanted to make one of the closets in my apartment look tidy. Since I had wood left over from old or failed projects, which was contributing to its untidy appearance, I decided to use some pieces to make it look better. A bin for tall objects has been a desire for some time. I […]

Sewing Notions Storage – Moppe Hack

Simple hack with handles Moppe, Ikea’s mini storage chest, is a good solution for storing most of the tools needed for sewing. Last year, I designed an apothecary-type hutch for my sewing supplies. I learned eventually, that there was no time and cost effective way to get around needing a table saw for making all […]

First Decoupage Project

This is a two part project in which I made a humidifier stand over a year ago and applied decoupage to the top this week. When I made the stand I used dowel bits to attach dowels to a plaque. I realized soon after making the stand that it was a mistake to drill holes […]

Sewing Space Design

There are two do-it-yourself projects in this sewing space design render; the hutch on top of the three drawer chest and the sewing stool. I searched the internet for an apothecary-type hutch to hold my sewing supplies and did not find one. I have already purchased the chest. Patterns are in the bottom drawer, project […]

Black Living Room

I saw that black living rooms were trending on Pinterest, so I thought I would try putting a render together. I have seen a couple of people on HGTV  use black chalk paint for walls, but it did not seem to be something I ever wanted to do until I saw the Pinterest pins. One […]

Novelty Shelving Unit

The novelty of this shelving unit is that it was made without using any screws or glue. When it’s pushed, it wavers, but items do not fall off unless they were already unsteady. The video above shows me pushing the unit with glass milk bottles on the top shelf. The bottles did not fall off. […]