Storage Bin From Scrap Wood & 3D Printed Parts

I wanted to make one of the closets in my apartment look tidy. Since I had wood left over from old or failed projects, which was contributing to its untidy appearance, I decided to use some pieces to make it look better. A bin for tall objects has been a desire for some time. I […]

First Decoupage Project

This is a two part project in which I made a humidifier stand over a year ago and applied decoupage to the top this week. When I made the stand I used dowel bits to attach dowels to a plaque. I realized soon after making the stand that it was a mistake to drill holes […]

3D Print TV Stand/Cabinet Project

My October to November project is a TV stand/cabinet. I plan to make several similar cabinets to create a clean look in my small living room. I have modeled all of the 3D parts for printing. I may make adjustments to the design, such as adding dowels in the middle, but I won’t determine that […]

Hamper Stool Project, Part 4

I have printed all of the parts for the top! I will need to drill holes to secure the hinge, but I know that will not be a problem, mainly because I drilled a hole through one of the mistake parts I made earlier. All of the top parts were printed from two stereolithography files. […]