Frog Meme

I just saw a meme on Facebook in which a frog is sipping tea and the words are, “I don’t see the welfare office on fire in Milwaukee. But that’s none of my business.” Number one – time plus tragedy equals comedy; there has definitely not been enough […]

Lighthouse Auction

GSA has another lighthouse up for bidding; Greens Ledge Light Station. An onsite inspection is planned for the summer (date undetermined) and is open to registered bidders. Lighthouse description: Greens Ledge Light Station (1902) is an offshore sparkplug style light and an active navigational aid marking the entrance […]

Where is Atlantis? Part 5

Yesterday, I asked a psychic the following question – Is the lost city of Atlantis in Illinois? This was the response:  “They [her guides] are saying it is a little bit to the left of Illinois, but very close to it and yes you have been in Atlantis […]