Grain Silos and Tornados

I was watching one of several YouTube videos of a tornado in Rochelle, Illinois last month, when I thought I saw a tornado lose momentum as it tumbled over a metal grain silo. I was shocked and astounded to see such a thing. I tried to track down […]

Gloria Swanson’s Chicago Home

Hollywood star Gloria Swanson started her career at Essanay Studio. There has been much speculation about where Gloria’s family lived in Chicago. Since the census is available now, I thought I would research it myself. Ms. Swanson’s address in the 1900 census record is 885 Seminary. The address […]

Baby Mills: Surrogacy gone wrong

The Vice series on HBO featured a story about gestational surrogacy (in vitro fertilization of an embryo) a couple of weeks ago. The segment entitled Outsourcing Embryos, reported by Journalist Gianna Toboni, is an insightful investigation of the burgeoning surrogacy industry in India. Industry may seem to be […]