Feng Shui and Me

Sometime during the mid to late 1990’s, I brought a book home from the library about Feng Shui. I read portions of the book and made a map of directions. Afterwards, the book was returned to the library and the map was discarded. I don’t recall making any […]

Leland Hotel

Leland was a popular name for Illinios hotels in the early 20th century. There was a Leland Hotel in Springfield, Rockford, and Belvidere. I was walking north on State Street in Belvidere and saw a large, painted sign on the side of a building as I crossed the […]

GSA Lighthouse Auction

The GSA has a lighthouse up for bidding. No bidders yet. The property has a $10,000 minimum and requires a $5,000 bid deposit. What would someone do with this? I went looking around the web for a video I saw about a lighthouse being renovated. I found a […]

Where is Atlantis? Part 2

The last post about Atlantis ended with an opinion that other horary charts were needed to pinpoint its position. To reiterate, I asked about the lost city of Atlantis, not the continent. Asking about the city of Atlantis would seem to be the wrong question to ask; however, […]

Medicinal Herb Reference

Years ago, I found a book about using vegetables, fruits, and herbs for medicinal purposes. I am ecstatic to learn that the author of the book, Angela-Michelle, has put the entire book online – Herbal Medical Guide. An excerpt from the book about onions follows: Onions For medicinal […]