Where is Atlantis? Part 4

As I mentioned near the end of Where is Atlantis? Part 3, the accounts I have read about Atlantis describe continent placements that existed 237 million years ago. Yet, people living today claim to have memories of Atlantis. I think technology is close to explaining how something like […]

Where is Atlantis? Part 3

Could an ancient, possibly fictitious city be buried under a sand dune in Illinois? Anything is possible, but how likely is this? When there is a perplexing question, science often helps with finding an answer. I will examine what light science can shed on the question. Science has […]

DIY Plywood Lamp

Funny story, this lamp. I had no intention of making a lamp from scratch and I even told myself I was not going to make one. About one and one-half months ago, I ordered two DIY lamp kits online. The lamps looked easy to assemble and there were […]


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