View from North Pond
View of Lincoln Park from North Pond

The significance of 4477 may become evident in the first few scenes of the upcoming animated movie. I have already published a working script on this blog. Character profiles, background on areas and venues, and scene renders will be posted on this page.

In the script, Miann leaves John at the park. Will John find her again? How will she avoid him? I felt there were three strong story lines emanating from the end of the working script and that each of them should be fully explored. Therefore, going forward, there will be three plot lines that may or may not intertwine at points. Years ago, I planned to make this an interactive movie, but that genre has fallen out of favor. I believe the different plot lines can be presented in a way that is engaging and not confusing. I have them in mind and will start writing the scripts after the first animated movie is completed.