Freezer Ice Cube Tray Organizer

This is essentially a repurposed Kitchen Foil and Wrap Organizer. Aluminum Roll Flashing converts the tray into an organizer suitable for the freezer. The cost for both is less than $20 and there is enough flashing left over for other projects. I bought the organizer from The Container Store about seven years ago. It costs about the same amount now as it did then; $6. The flashing was purchased to make a 3d enclosure filter, last year. It costs around $10 for an 8″ by 10′ roll from Home Depot.

Repurposing is simple. Turn the organizer upside down. Cut one 12′ long piece of flashing for the bottom and three 8 7/8″ pieces for the other layers. Done!

Freezer Ice cube tray organizer

Invert the organizer.

Cut a 12″ long piece of the 8″ wide flashing to prevent the covered wires from dropping between shelf voids.

Freezer Ice cube tray organizer

Cut 3 pieces of flashing to 6 5/8″ x 8 7/8″ dimensions.

Place one piece on each layer of the organizer.

Freezer Ice cube tray organizer



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