First Decoupage Project

Finished humidifier stand
Planning stage render

This is a two part project in which I made a humidifier stand over a year ago and applied decoupage to the top this week. When I made the stand I used dowel bits to attach dowels to a plaque. I realized soon after making the stand that it was a mistake to drill holes through the plaque: however, the stand fared well the first year. This soon to be past winter, the legs started to wobble. I decided flanges were needed to hold everything together. I didn’t want regular flanges as I can see the stand from my bed and I did not want to see bare flanges every night. I wanted something that was purple as the humidifier was situated in the prosperity gua of my room (Black Hat Feng Shui). It took a while, but I came up with the idea of designing grape brackets. My grapes look at lot like berries, so I named them Fruit Brackets. The brackets screw onto the flange to hide the screws.

First bracket design.

I ran out of purple filament while 3d printing the Fruit brackets and switched to translucent Amethyst to finish. It was around this time that I decided to put a grape design on the plaque surface. Decoupage has long been a craft I wanted to explore and this was a perfect opportunity. I quickly learned that the old method of cutting images out of magazines had been surpassed by napkins. My finished project shows that dealing with napkins is an art that has to be mastered. There are lots of wrinkles and spaces on the plaque surface. I did not want to have any cut lines showing, but a few are there. I did not glue the pieces before applying Mod Podge. I believed that is called the dry method. I was doing fine, really, until I applied the Mod Podge. When I try this again, I will apply glue to the surface after I figure out where I want to place things.

Application Stages


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