Sewing Space Design

There are two do-it-yourself projects in this sewing space design render; the hutch on top of the three drawer chest and the sewing stool. I searched the internet for an apothecary-type hutch to hold my sewing supplies and did not find one. I have already purchased the chest. Patterns are in the bottom drawer, project fabric is in the second drawer, and top drawer is for scraps. There was some spillover, so project fabric is in the top and middle drawers now, but that will be remedied by the end of the year. I made a decision to always only have one drawer of project fabric. This rule will force me to start and finish projects instead of storing fabric for years.

My timetable for completing plans for the apothecary hutch is mid November. I want to present professional looking plans; therefore, I will continue my Fusion 360 self-training. I have most of the wood I need to make the frame and drawers; however, cutting wood is contingent upon me creating a small table saw contraption for my rotary tool. That will be interesting. The knobs will be 3d printed next spring, after I have purchased a different 3d printer.

The cabinet on the far right will hold an ironing table, iron, cardboard folded mat, ruler, and any other items that I am unable to fit in small drawers or the stool. I hope to have plans for the stool as well. The sides of the stool will hold needles, thread scissors, and other small items I need to have handy while sewing. I have made a stool before. This is my first draft for a sewing stool. The final draft is likely to look quite different.

See links below for items in the render:


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