Stylish Hook

Stylish HooksThere was a white hook attached to my bathroom wall when I moved into my apartment. One day last year, I looked at the hook and said to myself, “Why do these hooks look so plain? They can look a lot better than this.” I then set about designing a hook that would add beauty and style to any wall.

I tried to imagine a hook that could go on the wall in a bedroom and match its aesthetics. I imagined the hook could be printed in gold if one wanted to do so and placed on a bedroom wall. I originally wanted to make the hook extra useful and put another hook on the side of it. I made one of those and put it in my bathroom, but found that I didn’t need to have that extra hook as I had extra hooks on the side of my topegs. TopegAdditionally, the hook looked better without the side. Stylish Hook version 1

The final model does not have the extra side hook. I made two versions; one that can be attached with command strips and one that can be used with a screw. The model is available on CGTrader. Stylish Hooks


(September 29, 2022)

Stylish hook is now available for free download on Thangs.


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