Winter Afghan

DSCN2419Cold temperatures arrived early this year in the Midwest. In October I was wishing I had something as toasty as my peg loom hat to keep my feet warm. It seems I need at least four layers of heavy fabric at the end of my bed or else my feet freeze. Cold feet cause me to sleep uncomfortably, as I wake up in the wee morning hours shivering. I made a decision to make myself an afghan with the peg loom. On yarn day, October 13, I bought fifteen skeins of acrylic chunky yarn from Spinrite Yarns Online.

DSCN2414What I love about peg looming is how quickly it works into a finished object. Weaving back and forth is simple and it goes pretty fast. I decided, however to complicate things a little. I wanted a different look besides the basic stitch, so I tried three rigid heddle loom stitches. As you can see from the photograph on the right, stitch definition was lost in translation. I tried to make adjustments for the chunky yarn, but the stitches only faintly resembled their rigid loom counterparts. No worries. The stitches just require a little refining and renaming.

Another noticeable item from the photograph is that I used the basic stitch to make most of the blanket. I was in a hurry to finish and returned to the quick stitch, but altered the look of it by doubling and mixing the yarn.


One aspect of peg looming I am trying to work through is matching ends. The ends of my afghan are different. I discovered a method leading to matching ends, which I demonstrate in the video below, but I did not want to use it for the afghan. The method works okay for thinner yarn. I thought it would cause too much stress on the warp (lengthwise yarn pieces) and cause them to break. I did not want to take a chance. I have an idea of something that might work. I will try it with the next afghan.

This video doesn’t exist

The finished afghan measures 65″ (165.1cm) x 24.5″ (62.23 cm). I used 13 skeins; 8 lavender, 3 green, and 2 natural. I will elaborate on the stitches I used in future posts.

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