Peony Parlor

Peony Parlor

The little imp of logic suggests that when the parlor was turned into a living-room, then, by the same token, the living-room became a parlor – Lillian Hart Tryon

While flipping through internet pages, I encountered photographs of a restored 1887 Queen Anne home in Pennsylvania. There is a round rug in the parlor and I wondered how one of my rugs would look in a similar setting. I made a render to find out.211a5063ae39742f886c1581f63cadcd

We take kindly to the customs of the living-room, because they follow the line of least resistance; but we welcome opportunities to practice there the graces of the more austere parlor – Lillian Hart Tryon

As I worked on modeling my parlor scene, I began to wonder about parlors. Russell Lynes wrote an engaging piece discussing parlors. In his article,Tea set peonies 2 he quoted Lillian Hart Tryon, whose quotes appear in this post. I am delighted to have found Lynes’ and Tryon’s writings. Both will most likely provide fodder for my future posts.

Links to the fabrics and other items used as models in the render are below.

White-cheeked barbet rug 36252
White-cheeked barbet rug Shangri-La Lino Peony
132083orig 36636
Plum Blossom Peony Trailing Rose Peony
Amend+1-Light+LED+5W+Armed+Sconce Gorham settee
Amend 1-Light LED 5W Armed Sconce Gorham Settee
SAN-0018-WALP-WP-1_416x416 geometric-28-teal
Cat’s Eye on Green Removable Wallpaper Geometric 28 Stained Glass


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