Woven Scarf

It took a while to make this scarf because I was waiting to receive more yarn. I started making a scarf that was twice the width of this one in November. I ran out of yarn and inquired at Love Knitting if there were plans to restock the yarn. Their answer was yes, so I waited …. and waited.

DSCN1992It was really cold in early February and I could have benefited from having a matching scarf to help shelter my face. After making one too many trips without the scarf, I decided that I would unravel the yarn and make a scarf with a smaller width. You might be able to see in the photograph to the right that I was working a pattern; that it isn’t just striped. The pattern works better when the yarn color changes at the point the diagonal becomes level. Oh well! Perhaps I will try the pattern again and find a way to secure yarn changes that will remain hidden and together. Perhaps.

In the photog20180221_110014 enhraph (I could have been just a little bit happier about taking that photo, don’t you think) to the left, I’m wearing the hat and scarf with the pattern pieces of the coat I’m making; the reason for the scarf set. The coat looks blue. The style of the coat is more formal-looking than the scarf set. I like the orange and lilac in the set, but it really is too much gray for me. At this point, I am pretty sure that I will make a different set. I will wait until after I have finished the coat to decide what type of set.

The finished scarf was made using 9 pegs. It measures 4 1/2″ wide and 45″ long (minus fringe). I used one chunky pots ball (Paintbox Yarns), which is 297.5 yards.

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