Hamper Stool Project, Part 4

I have printed all of the parts for the top! I will need to drill holes to secure the hinge, but I know that will not be a problem, mainly because I drilled a hole through one of the mistake parts I made earlier.

All of the top parts were printed from two stereolithography files. Parts 1 and 2 were printed twice and Part 1 was mirrored and printed twice. The two GIF videos below show how to mirror in Cura and Repetier Host.

It seems to me that I will need more filament to complete the bottom parts. The roll is decreasing more quickly than I anticipated. I have about 1/3 of a wheel remaining. I think I can make at least two bottom parts before I reach the end. I ordered a roll today and I am likely to receive it on Thursday. That means I am will not have the frame together until next Sunday.

How to mirror in Cura

1. Click the model
2. Click mirror object icon
3. Click arrow for direction of mirror

How to mirror in Repetier Host

1. Click the mirror icon


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