Don’t Throw Your Ikea Slipper Soles Away!

Instead of sending your Njuta slippers to an early grave, save the soles. You can make another pair of shoes with the soles that can last forever. Okay, I have no idea if they can last forever, but I do know that the soles of the slippers I bought 3 years ago looked practically new to me when I was about to throw them away last week. The instructions on Ikea’s site state that the shoes should not be washed or tumbled dry, but I have done both many times. I sent an email to Ikea’s customer service to find out why the shoes should not be washed or dried. I will update this post if and when I receive an answer.

The top portion of the slipper was easy to remove. I wanted to make new uppers using a crochet motif I found in a book. I made the left upper first. I winged the inner sole and sides and fit the motif to the sides. It doesn’t look horrible, but I thought it might be better to use a pattern for the inner sole. I used a vintage ballet slipper pattern for the inner sole when I made the right shoe and started crocheting around the motif to make the sides. I did not achieve the exact look I was going for, but I am definitely going to wear my shoes until the uppers wear away.

Here are a few links to crochet slippers that could replace the Njuta uppers –

Mocasín de adulto en crochet Crochet Slippers
Crochet Sandals Ballet Slippers
Open Mesh Slippers Slipper Boots

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